Best Automatic/Switchblade Knife 2017

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If there is often a particular name brand ones likes, one can narrow the search down even more by selecting knives by type and brand. Band My Darkest Days The most important part of every survival knife is certainly the razor =pa.

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One of the very first production knife companies to employ laser cutting machines to cut their blade blanks, Benchmade has gone on to pioneer other knife making technologies as well. But, the real reason that they have such a solid reputation is the fact that the tolerances of each piece of the knife is checked by hand at each stage of manufacture, and then, the entire knife is assembled by hand by a highly experienced Benchmade bladesmith resulting in meticulously crafted cutlery.

Of course, the Benchmade Presidio is no exception! Available with your choice of a manual or automatic opening mechanism, a plain or serrated edge, and either a stain or a matte black BK1 finish, the Presidio will become your best friend!

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Best Automatic/Switchblade Knife 2017

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Help dating a Boker USA fixed blade please – SOLVED!!!

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Boker Tree Brand knives are forged from a tradition of excellence that goes back centuries. Browse 80+ series of hunting and folding knives, multitools, and more. Free shipping on orders over $

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Have a blessed holiday. Proudly employing military veterans. Boker Tree Brand Knives View all Boker Tree Brand Knives Forged in a tradition of excellence that began nearly two centuries ago in the “Blade City” of Solingen, Germany, Boker knives are among the most prestigious lines of blades and cutlery in the world.

Through some of history’s most tumultuous events, the Boker name has survived, with its superior cutting products all distinguished by the Boker tree — a symbol of the towering, ancient chestnut that once grew outside the original Boker factory hundreds of years ago. The reputation of the power and quality infused into the knives etched with the Boker tree expanded throughout Europe in the 19th century before crossing an ocean, and then eventually a continent, to find a devoted legion of customers throughout the USA and beyond.

Best Automatic/Switchblade Knife 2017

ZigZag Can you help Ron with his question about E. I recently acquired this corkscrew What can you tell me about it? The barrel is apparently aluminum. The small handle is turned to penetrate the cork and then the large wing to extract it. This is a post WW II mechanical corkscrew with a cast aluminum barrel and nickel plated wire helix. It was originally fitted with a black nylon insert in the neck ring to prevent bottle chipping.

Wsthof Classic 26pc Block Set Now available at Smoky Mountain Knife Works! Wstof precision knives are of the highest quality. Painstakingly manufactured,

I’m throwing this out there for your ideas and photos I put all my Boker knives on the table today. They’ve become my focus recently, simply because it’s a challenge to find information. Anyways, here’s something I noticed. Ringed Bolsters It appears to me that almost all of my pre- Bokers have ringed bolsters. They did seem to continue the ringed bolsters on some of the congress patterns. Nowadays it seems they’re back in vogue though – on my new copperhead pattern for instance. Same could be said for swedged blades Shields I wish I could find some Boker catalogs from I have access to the catalog and all of the shields have the tree brand on them in some fashion.

Back in the early time frame the shields were purely decorative – bars, federal shields, etc. Approximately when did that change? With TJT’s help I’ve also begun to notice the different diameters of the round tree shields. When I compared my knives, the late s knives had a 10mm diameter shield.

Boker Double Blade Folding Hunter Pocket Knife Review