First commercial flight of AgustaWestland AW189 to Cygnus field

Producer Terry Brown reads the prologue through a voice synthesizer. The tale is of a space ship journeying into a time warp in the black hole of Cygnus Greek for dog , which is referred to as the Swan constellation, where scientists believe there might be one Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have said that life might exist there. The music can be described as a dark, wrenching, heavy metal vortex. The allusion to Rocinante is to Cervantes and Steinbeck. So, I was ransacking the closet where I lived and I found a lot of sci-fi. It refreshed my idea of what the style was, and that led me into fantasy. It was a whole lot of reading at that time, of being young an interested in fantasy and science fiction and alternative universes. That was all in my reading, so naturally it was reflected in the lyrics. So we messed around and had Alex hook up his guitar through various pedals and we hooked up a bunch of digital units in the control room. We just developed ideas with tape loops, a whole bunch of different sounds.

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They usually involve a few days of camping. According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Kielder Water and Forest Park has the darkest skies in England, and on a moonless week like this the stargazers can also expect to see the Milky Way, shooting stars and nebulae, clouds of dust created by exploding stars. For more information see Kielder Forest Star Camp website.

Apr 18,  · The crew will use the station’s robotic arm to grapple the capsule and hook it up to the Unity module for unloading. More from GeekWire: Cygnus cargo ship hooks up to space station; ULA.

There are 88 constellations which cover the entire sky. About 80 of them can be seen from Hawaii, but not all will be visible during the fall semester. We will study 10 or so of these constellations; most have brighter stars and are fairly easy to recognize. Additional readings for individual constellations are listed below. For thousands of years, people looking at the night sky have grouped stars into constellations.

The stars making up a constellation often seem to trace recognizable patterns. For example, the stars in Orion outline a man wearing a sword, and the stars in Maui’s Fish-hook follow the shape of a fishing hook. The stars making up a constellation usually have very little to do with each other; some may be relatively close, while others are much further away.

New Generation AgustaWestland AW189 Takes to the Skies

April 10, The unmanned Dragon delivered 7, lbs. NASA TV A SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station today April 10 to deliver vital supplies, science experiments and a prototype inflatable space habitat for the orbiting outpost and its six-person crew. Launched on Friday April 8 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, the Dragon pulled up to space station on this morning where it was captured by the orbital complex’s Canadarm2 robotic arm.

Dragon was later attached to the Earth-facing port on the station’s Harmony module at 9:

Cygnus Connect is developing a home monitoring camera that is affordable, easy to use and easy to set up. Whether you are at work across town or on vacation a thousand miles away, Cygnus allows you to keep tabs on what matters most – your home and family.

A new cancer therapy study is wrapping up aboard the International Space Station this week as an American cargo craft is packed for return to Earth. The Expedition 56 crew also researched how astronauts perceive time and distance in space and back on Earth. Today, she is examining endothelial cells in space to help determine if they make a good model for targeting the vasculature of tumor cells. Results may improve the design of safer, more effective therapies targeting cancer tumors. Results from the AngieX cancer investigation will also be stowed in Dragon this week for retrieval and analysis on Earth.

Robotics controllers will release Dragon from the grips of the Canadarm2 Friday at Less than six hours later, the commercial space freighter will splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California. It is due to burn up harmlessly over the Pacific Ocean at 5: Results will help mission planners understand how astronauts adapt to space impacting the success and safety of long-term missions. Get weekly video highlights at:

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The lower left of the picture is Ophiuchus. Bootes and Corona Borealis Arcturus is brighest star in the lower right; Corona Borealis is the semicircle of stars in the lower left Bootes Arcturus is brighest star near the bottom Coma Berenices Berenices’ hair Summer constellations Summer Triangle: Note the hook-shaped tail, which is best seen from southerly latitudes. The Alpha Centauri system is the closest night sky star system to Earth.

The other bright star to the upper left is Beta Centauri. The Southern Cross is near the center of the picture; it is sideways because the picture was taken as it was approaching setting.

AMEC has landed a deal to provide hook-up and commissioning support for GDF Suez’s Cygnus gas field in the North Sea, securing jobs for the region.

The Orbital ATK OA-4 service module sits in the cleanroom, with a large portion of the electronics on the vehicle visible in this photograph. The International Space Station grapple hook is visible. So with the enhanced Cygnus we are able to go from kg [with Antares] to kg of cargo [with Atlas V]. The module will be joined to the Cygnus service module before launch in December A key mission milestone leading up to launch was achieved on Wednesday, Oct.

The SM is the last major component of the Cygnus spacecraft required for launch and its now arrived on time for several weeks of integration work with the cargo carrying logistics module for pre-launch processing at the Florida space coast. It propels the combined Cygnus vehicle to berth at the ISS. The SM has also been upgraded with the lightweight UltraFlex solar panels flying for the first time on the OA-4 mission. The plan was to reduce the mass of Cygnus to increase the cargo carrying capabilities of the entire spacecraft.

The lengthened PCM enables delivery of the heaviest cargo load ever by Cygnus to the crews living and working aboard the orbital science complex. The cargo missions stock the station with all manner of equipment, science experiments, food, clothing spare parts and gear for the international crews of six astronauts and cosmonauts. Ken Kremer — kenkremer.

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Where can I get statistics? DVD did not take off quite as fast as some early predictions, but it has sold faster than videotape, CD, and laserdisc. In fact, before its third birthday in March , DVD had become the most successful consumer electronics entertainment product ever. Here are some predictions: Worldwide sales of DVD players in will be ,

Cygnus Lane, Prattville, AL, is a Single Family Home for sale at $, with 1, sqft and a lot size of X Cygnus Lane has 3 bedrooms, baths, and was built in

Meet with the Goddesses and speak with the Erda to earn their support and progress your character toward ultimate power! Different skills, buffs, and effects in the form of Nodes can be obtained through the V Matrix, the new, unique UI that is specific to 5th Job. Obtain Nodes by opening Nodestones. All Jobs Rope Lift: Fires a grappling hook to a platform above you to ascend quickly.

Press the skill key while climbing to cancel. Creates a portal to the closest town. Uses 2 Magic Rocks. Temporarily increases all of your skill levels. Further raises final job skills that are already at master level. Other skills can only be increased to master level. Reduces the amount of MP consumed when using skills.

Increase your attack speed by 1 level for a short time.

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Package Of 10 Buy It Now 2. Anytime you are designing a cluster model or converting a model from single motor to cluster motor use you need to verify the stability of your model before flight. Adding more motors to the model increases the weight in the rear of the model moving the Center of Gravity CG further back and may cause instability in your model. If you are converting a known stable model, the easiest method to assure stability is to fully load the unmodified model for flight motor installed, recovery device, etc and balance this model on your finger.

Constellation pictures for Physics You will need to identify pictures marked with ***. North circumpolar constellations Big Dipper (Ursa Major)***.

Obviously this is dependant on your particular gauge. I crochet quite tightly, but my sister-in-law, for example, crochets VERY loosely. I have supplied a list of Optional Additional Rounds to help you get all the squares to the same size and final-round stitch count more or less. Materials For the purposes of these tutorials, I am using: You can find the details for each block by clicking on the relevant image below.

Odyssey — Letitia Sheriff Block 2: Popcorn Parade — Melinda Miller Block 3: Basket of Berries — Melinda Miller Block 5:


I’ve been wanting to get out somewhere for awhile and shoot some, and this seemed like a good place to go. I had planned to go last week, but the weather wasn’t as good, and I never was able to get up my momentum, so I lost that opportunity. Today, I was determined, and I was walking out of the house pretty early. The weather today was absolutely delicious. When we actually get spring here, it’s a gorgeous thing.

Sep 22,  · The private spacecraft hauling some 1, pounds of food and clothes to the International Space Station will have to wait at least another .

White Tiger Monkey Pandas are unique among pets. They first came out in June , and during a special event had black and white panda name tags. They’re fairly rare in the pet world, and a favorite of owners. Pandas are calm and gentle creatures that feed on Bamboo. They don’t eat that often, however. Pandas have a tendency to wear bizarre outfits, like clown suits or lit Jack-O-Lanterns on their heads. Interestingly, the flame on the Jack-O-Lantern is surrounded by an air bubble when underwater.

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