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Cajo Technologies utilizes unique laser engraving for Sangen brewery Cajo Technologies utilizes unique laser engraving for Sangen brewery What do you get when you put together a cleantech expert with an interest for craft beer and an engineer with a laser engraving company? Why, you get an innovation unique on a global scale, of course. Sangen is a perfect example of the recent onslaught of new technologies meeting old industries: The company that enables such engraving is Cajo Technologies from Kempele, who in their short existence have already secured established clients such as Fiskars, the renowned Finnish tool design giant, and Halton Marine, the ventilations solution manufacturer and part of the global Halton Group. Unique opportunities In a dark room, Karsikas inserts a small metal plate into a metal cupboard and closes the door. We are looking at the stand-alone model of their laser engraver, and in a few seconds the metal plate has turned into a stylish calling card, with detailed QR code and text without any pixelation or rough edges. Although their main target segments are metal manufacturers and developers, cable industry, brands and medical device manufacturers, it is not far-fetched to think about consumer devices in the future.

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Missed an earlier news item? Visit the news archive. The Irish Festival of Oulu October 1st—5th, www. This 5—day event in a surprising location in the very North of Europe showcases the best of Irish culture in signature style, attracting audiences from near and far. The festival is known for bringing in the biggest and the freshest names in the Irish music world, and this year is no exception.

Praised for its versatile programme, the festival includes storytelling for grown—ups and children with Eamonn Keenan, music workshops with top tutors, and dance classes for everyone from beginner to advanced competition level.

President of Oulu Entrepreneurship Society & Educator at Junior Achievement Finland. A student in the morning, educator during the day and entrepreneurship enthusiast in the evening. Eemeli is an active member of Oulu’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and a firm believer in .

The northern dimension Billions in business awaits in the Arctic region Scandinavia is unique. How else could you describe a region which holds only a total of 25 million people but still is the 10th largest economical region in the world? The total investments to the Arctic are approximately billion euros by The Swedes have one of the largest iron ore mines in the world in Kiruna, which are in need of green mining technologies and mining engineering.

The state-owned mining company provides about a billion Euros of annual profit for the state. The European oil giants have gathered over billion Euro in an oil industry fund since the late s. For instance, they need around 15, engineers at the moment, with 2, openings in the north. And how is it done? Minerals and energy abound The organised collaborative development of the Arctic region, including the Russian side and the Kola peninsula, started only some 25 years ago with a joint report regarding actions in the North to better succeed economically.

This was followed in the s with another report, which states 5 main objectives, including business drivers and areas of collaboration. Without the possibility of flying crossways, a Cross-Scandinavian business trip means one extra day of travel per direction, no matter how you look at it. But it very much would seem to be worth the trek. The problem with Russia is the usual one:

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Julkaistu elokuu 23, by liikennementori Aalto University Summer School on Transportation has defined itself as an establishment which offers a creative and practical approach to understanding and solving current traffic problems in both developed and developing countries. Last theme was Embracing the Complexity of Mobility The focus of the Summer School was complexity which is embedded in all modern traffic from behavior to technological interdependence.

Andersen, M.H., Lønning, K. and Fagerström, L. () Testing Reliability and Validity of the Oulu Patient Classification Instrument—The First Step in Evaluating the RAFAELA System in Norway. Open Journal of Nursing, 4,

This section lists the most recent attendances at annual championship events single decider matches or the final match in a best-of series only by total attendance. It also includes domestic leagues and competitions. It has to be noted that the listed crowd figures are usually a reflection of a championship venue’s capacity, as demand for these events is generally so high that any stadium or arena would be filled to capacity.

The method by which championship venue s are determined can indirectly affect the attendance of such a match. In most competitions that use a best-of final series, each individual match typically takes place at one team’s home venue. In the Philippine Basketball Association , a competition in which no team has its own home arena, finals matches including any that can potentially end a series are held at two large venues in Metro Manila, Smart Araneta Coliseum , Mall of Asia Arena and sometimes, Philippine Arena.

In most competitions that have a one-off final, the site is determined well in advance. Some competitions have a permanent site for their finals. Others determine the final venue anywhere from months to years before the event, such as the NFL , which determines the host of the Super Bowl more than three years in advance.

However, one transnational club event in rugby union whose final attendance is listed in a separate table uses a very different system. In Super Rugby , the final is awarded to the finalist that finished higher in the league table during the regular season. Another transnational club event in the same sport, Pro14 originally the Celtic League , used the same method to determine the host of its final until , when it began to use a predetermined site. Of the nine American college sports conferences that sponsor football in the top-level Division I FBS that have season-ending conference championship games, six have a permanent site for their title games and three award hosting rights to the division champion with the better record in conference play with tiebreakers used as needed.

For the purposes of this table, “domestic” is defined to include leagues which are historically focused in one country, but may have teams in one or more nearby countries.

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Thursday, January 2, Naval riding habit inspiration The time has come for me to make a riding habit, another one of those projects that I’ve hoped to make for so long, maybe even longer than any other project. As a child, much before I got into costume making, I used to be interested in pirates as well as naval history. So I’ve been hoping to make a naval inspired riding habit ever since I realized it would be a much better option than making a naval officer’s uniform for myself. The design started to evolve when I stumbled upon a naval inspired riding habit on deviantArt but the original photo got deleted from the site a long time ago so I can’t link it here.

But I had to mention it anyway because I don’t want to take credit from something that wasn’t originally entirely my idea. Anyhow, my major source for inspiration comes from the naval uniforms of National Maritime Museum, which I visited a few years ago.

Oct 08,  · Utunen was named best Finn of the match thou I didnt think he was that spectacular. Also liking Otto Latvalas game I think his improved in skating and mobility, could still become draft pick when all is said and done.

July 21, at Jo is actually correct up to a point with her suggestion that the Kebili Oasis has been the site of human habitation now for some , years. What Jo might have suggested is that very hot Tunisian Kebili Oasis would seem to have been the site of regular human and proto human occupation or some half a million years or maybe a lot longer than that.

Kebili holds the earliest hard evidence of human habitation in Tunisia found near the town and dates back about , years. Kebili, as many others Tunisian towns, entered under the control of Roman Empire after the Punic Wars. But the Tunisian oasis such as at Kebili also served another function. They became the route for the crossing of the bed of the Mediteranean when it consisted of a series of large lakes in a vast below sea level depression when the last great ice age had lowered global sea levels by up to metres and the rock sill at the Straits of Gibraltar kept the Atlantic from flooding the Mediterranean depression.

So our early human forebearers could walk and canoe their way across the long land traverse between what is now Tunisia plus other North African locations to coastal Europe in the north via Sicily as one route but a map of other probable routes for this crossing are provided in the paper below; Below quoted from the paper; Coastal and marine palaeo-environments and human dispersal points across the Africa-Eurasia boundary Many prehistoric submarine sites have been found in the Mediterranean.

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Fingerprint recognition , Biometric systems and applications Abstract: One of the critical factors prior to deployment of any large scale biometric system is to have a realistic estimate of its matching performance. In practice, evaluations are conducted on the operational data to set an appropriate threshold on match scores before the actual deployment. These performance estimates, though, are restricted by the amount of available test data. To overcome this limitation, use of a large number of 2D synthetic fingerprints for evaluating fingerprint systems had been proposed.

Oulu soccer statistics with match fixtures and past results in Finland Suomen Cup. Team form and players stats.

Not too many people have, and even fewer people think of it as a summer holiday destination. And not a snowflake in sight. The view over Helsinki from the Olympic Tower Flying the flag: A Road Trip In Finland On my first visit, I made my way to Helsinki by land and ferry from Berlin, arriving in late June and just missing the longest day of the year by a snip damn!

With 10 days to see what I could of Finland, I hired a car in the capital and drove north through Tampere, Oulu, and Rovaniemi before a symbolic crossing of the Arctic Circle into Finnish Lapland. My solo mission to Lapland and back showed me a good chunk of Finland, and I met a host of people en route. So am I looking forward to going back? The sky in Finland, is just bigger than other places.

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Join the Italians in their daily life — take a boat tour along the coast or sit down with a Martini in a cosy bar. This city offers endless possibilities: Milan has more to offer than fashion though — for example, you can also visit Il Duomo, the iconic Gothic cathedral in the heart of the city. If you can find the time, try and get to a home game during your visit.

The recap field breakdown page allows you to review game events in a specific area of the pitch. To review a specific game zone simply click on the relevant section of the pitch below and the data will appear on this page.

Oct 16, pdf27 said: They were untouchable because of their widespread victories, here they’re still winning, it is only by comparison with OTL that they seem to be doing badly. And make no mistake about it, they are winning so far. That’s broadly comparable to German losses at Verdun 25 years previously, when they only captured a few square miles. So the effect is more that Hitler doesn’t have the momentum and control he did in OTL, rather than that he is losing that power he had before the war.

We know he’s much weaker because we see both the full picture and have OTL to compare it with – but the ordinary Germans don’t. They see a string of spectacular victories, and one defeat that is blamed on someone stabbing them in the back the echoes of 20 years previously will give that idea particular resonance.

As such, I don’t think the Nazis have anything to worry about from the people for a while to come, the danger is instead of a Palace Coup – and if you read the last update carefully, that danger is very real indeed. Just wonder if the Dutch, despite locked behind the water line, will still produce Fokker G1 and take the D23 and T9 in production.

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The Ratio promises to revolutionize the way we all drink drip. Collaborating with industrial designer James Owen and mechanical engineer Jim Thorne, Hellweg developed a truly unique coffee maker—minimal plastic and no extraneous moving parts. So what does it take to dream up a brewer and make it a reality? Here, Hellweg offers a peek into the process, in his own words.

Three kids age seven and under make my mornings all about managing potential chaos.

Rekisteröimätön pentu on hyvin todennäköisesti lähtöisin kyseenalaisista oloista, missä pennun emän terveys ja hyvinvointi unohdetaan kokonaan emän toimiessa “pentukoneena”.

Finland caught the desire in — the league remained the same, 12 clubs, but the championship was made of two phases: Then the top 8 played a third round of single match against other in the so-called ‘championship group’. The benefits of such formula are ever dubious: The quality of the game and particularly the class of the teams hardly changed. One thing was certain: It was neither first, nor second division.

On itself — the number was small and there was hardly a club playing regularly in those tournaments. But the experiment started and the results perhaps supported the view of the skeptic critics. KTP Kotka was 8th, 3 points ahead of the bottom 4 clubs. The top eight moved to their championship stage, carrying their records from the first round. All clubs started with bonus points depending on their place in the preliminary round — the top with 4 points, and so on down to the last with 1 point.

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